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Moises Wines is a reflection of my celebrated Lebanese heritage. Known as one of the oldest wine producing regions in the world, the ancient Phoenicians of Lebanon were influential for setting the standards with viticultural and enology traditions. We continue to have a strong philosophy with the same ideology here in the Willamette Valley – practicing sustainable farming in the vineyard and minimal handling in the cellar – producing wines of depth, grace and character. We hope you enjoy our wines with your friends and family.

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Thu, 21 November 2013

2013 Beaujolais Festival

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the FACC-GC, join us Thursday November 21, 2013 7:00-10:00 PM at the J.W. Marriott New Orleans for the 2013 Beaujolais Festival! Excellent cuisine, entertainment, and we'll be pouring Moises wines! For more information:

Mon, 28 September 2009

Wine & Crab Taste Off

Join us for a day of wine from the Willamette Valley matched with crab dishes specially prepared by local chefs. Buy a ticket for $49 and you will get the opportunity to taste two crab selections at two restaurants and wine tasting at all four restaurants! If you would like to taste crab at more than two locations the cost is $16 per additional restaurant. After tasting each crab dish, you get to vote for your favorite! Attendees also have the opportunity to purchase local wines at great prices. Come taste the fabulous wines and crab with us!

Fri, 11 July 2008

Picking Grapes

Join winemaker James Moises at his Willamette Valley vineyard for a fun day of grape picking and wine tasting!



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  • Mr. John’s Steakhouse
  • Muriel’s Restaurant
  • St. James Cheese Company
  • Vega Tapas Cafe
  • MiLa Restaurant
  • Oak Bistro and Wine Bar
  • Bayona Restaurant
  • Galatoire’s Restaurant
  • Lilette Restaurant
  • La Petite Grocery
  • Antoine’s Restuarant
  • GW Fins
  • Patrick’s Bar Vin
  • Mr. B’s
  • Irene’s
  • Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse
  • Mosca’s
  • Dominique’s
  • Redemption
  • Bin 77
  • Broussard’s
  • Byblos Metairie
  • Carrollton Market
  • Cava
  • Clancy’s
  • Dakota
  • Delachaise
  • Ruth’s Steakhouse
  • Salu
  • Silk Road
  • Superior Grill
  • Superior Seafood
  • Tableau
  • Tujague’s


  • Swirl Wines
  • Dorignacs
  • Martin Wine Cellar
  • Hopper’s Wines
  • Aquistapace Market
  • Vieux Carré Wines
  • Pearl Wine Co.
  • Bin 428
  • Champagne’s Market
  • Cuban Liquors
  • Elio’s
  • The Wine Seller



  • Wed, 1 December 2010


    New Orleans doctors James Moises and Nicolas Bazan discuss the health benefits of wine.

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  • Sat, 4 December 2010

    James Moises with Sophie Gayot of

    Winemaker James Moises discussing with Sophie Gayot of and Poppy Tooker about his Pinot Noir wines during Dine America's Night Out for Gulf Seafood opening ceremony in the streets of New Orleans on December 1st 2010.

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  • Mon, 14 September 2009

    Just What the Doctor Ordered

    While Moises is “loving life in the wine world,” his physician alter ego is still quite apparent. “Winemaking is about half science and half art. It’s chemistry. Wine is a living thing, so there are certain steps you have to take to make sure the wine continues to grow and mature in the right direction. The art part is what the winemaker adds to it to give it its unique flavor—what each winemaker does differently. It’s his or her thumbprint,” he says.

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  • Mon, 17 June 2013

    Interview: Dr. James Moises

    New Orleans native James Moises is a physician and professor of emergency medicine at Tulane University School of Medicine. In 2002, he began making wine in Oregon's Willamette Valley with his medical school classmate Mark Wahle, whose family has vineyards in that region. The first vintage was released in 2009. Today, Moises Vineyard & Wines ( is a small boutique winery, producing about 400 cases a year. Most of it is pinot noir, and practically all of it is sold at shops and restaurants in the New Orleans area. Later this summer, the winery will release its latest vintages, including a new pinot gris.

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  • Thu, 23 February 2012

    When he’s not saving lives, doctor is making wine

    Since Jesuit High School, this New Orleanian knew becoming a doctor would be his destiny. “It’s very dynamic. No telling what’s coming in the door. It’s nice to be able to help people that are really sick and have an impact and hopefully have a good outcome.” But there's another side to this doctor's world. From the adrenaline rush of life-saving work in the emergency room to a life of patience and serenity in a small valley in Oregon, Moises is also a wine maker -- and not with a kit in the kitchen either.

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